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 Reed Black

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Reed Black


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PostSubject: Reed Black   Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:32 pm

Name:Reed Black
Gender:Male (is referred to as a Princess by SOME friends)
Blood Status:Pureblood

He is fairly tall, about 6', and relatively thin. Dark brown hair, that simply cannot be tamed, graces his head and covers his eyes. This bothers him very much, although each time he cuts it, it seems to grow right out. Those few strands of hair cover dark green and mysterious eyes. His skin is pale and burns if he stays out in the sun too long. A wicked and twisted grin is usually plastered on his face. As for his attire, he usually wears robes and is hardly ever seen in muggle clothing, for he hates being compared to non-magical folk.
In one word Reed can be described as cheeky, as many have told him. He is a very confident fellow and extremely persistent. Persistent in a way that is not annoying, but is amusing to others. Not many people can handle his cheesy pick up lines and outrageous remarks, but those who can should know that they're not making a mistake by putting up with his nonsense. He enjoys the company of any female and is rarely ever serious about anything. Sarcasm is his second language. Raised in a family of Purebloods, he was taught to hate muggles and wizards or witches of dirty blood (mudbloods) at an early age. Reed tries to tolerate wizards and witches who aren't descendants of pureblood families, but he sometimes has trouble hiding his true emotions towards such people. He's been getting better at keeping rude remarks too himself, but he chooses to mingle with his own kind. When the going gets rough, he turns to firewhiskey and finds comfort in many bottles of it.
Son to Winona and Rennard Black, Reed is a descendant of a Pureblood family with a high reputation. His grandmother, Lucretia, married Ignatius Prewett, but decided to keep the family name Black, for better publicity.
His mother Winona, died at a fairly young age, when Reed was only seven years old. She had fallen off her broom, while teaching her son how to fly, which resulted in several broken bones and a fatal end. As for Reed's father, Rennard, he was never close to the boy. Brought up by a strict family himself, he too was quite the cold, stern and rigid wizard. All he ever was to Reed, in his childhood, was a man that served to finance him and punish him for wrong doings. Nothing more. Reed could never confide in his father; the strong bond that usually forms between father and son never existed in this family. Rennard had served the Dark Lord, during his rising, and remains faithful to him still. He has been charged, several times, for the brutal slaughter of mudbloods, and a very near exposure of the wizarding world to non-magical folk. Rennard has earned himself a one way ticket to Azkaban; he's been occupying a cell there for almost two years now, and isn't planned to be released in the near future. Although his father is probably the worst role model a child Reed's age can have, he still looks up to him proudly, and strives to make his father feel the same about him each day. Reed's main concern is to represent himself to the world in the greatest possible way, hoping that by doing so he'd make his father proud and earn back the respect of the Black family.
Reed is an only child, and as for relatives, he doesn't keep in touch with them. They probably don't even know he exists. His mother Winona, was curious and fond of muggle doings, which disgusted the rest of the Black's. They shunned her, regretting ever accepting her in the family, and along with her, they erased Rennard out of the family tree as well. Furious, Rennard confronted his wife, outraged that he had been thrown out of a line of well known Purebloods. Their relationship tensed, and soon after, Winona died, tragically. Ever since then, the Black family has never taken an interest in Reed and his father. The only thing that indicates that they belong to a family of Purebloods, is their last name. No contact with relatives. Nothing. According to the rest of the Black's, Rennard and Reed do not exist.
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Reed Black
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