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 Playing with her Owl [open]

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Cassandra Crouch (CC)

Cassandra Crouch (CC)

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PostSubject: Playing with her Owl [open]   Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:03 am

She walks to the owlery slowly, grinning. It was a nice day, and she wanted to play a bit with her barn owl, Hermes. It had been a while since they had spent time together, and before a few months ago, they had been in their company almost constantly. She walks up the old stone stairs slipping slightly on owl droppings. Even this could not ruin her day. She enters the room and walks among the hooting owls many eager to see what she wanted from them. She whistles the tune that would call Hermes and soon he flies to her shoulder. She takes out an owl treat from her cloak and tosses it up to him. She laughs as he catches it then pets his head. She leaves the room with him still on her shoulder and walks over to where the droppings were not as bad. She takes out a small ball and tosses it into the air, watching the owl catch it. Soon, they have a game going. One that had been played many times before.
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Playing with her Owl [open]
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