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 Reine 'Pumpkin' Wynter

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PostSubject: Reine 'Pumpkin' Wynter   Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:48 am

Name: Reine 'Pumpkin' Wynter
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Status: Works
Blood Status: Pureblood but has been adopted by muggles at a young age

Appearance: About 5'9 with short spiked black hair, two sideburn braids and golden eyes. Athletic build due to martial arts training from a young age. Is never seen in a skirt or dress, only pants and long sleeves even during summer.

Personality: Always wears a mask of an energetic and happy-go-lucky girl but it sometimes slips with close friends. Has attachment issues and is weary of strangers. She very loyal to friends and is ferociously protective of them and is not afraid of getting into fights but actually enjoys it. She does not liked to be called Reine because it reminds her of her time at home and prefers to be called Pumpkin. She does tend to have an animalistic side due to her upbringing at home, but that only comes out if her friends are in danger.

Backstory: Born to an unknown witch and wizard she was abandoned at a muggle orphanage and then adopted by the Wynter family. She was taught combat from an early age. (And I've run out of patience and ideas, so I'll finish this later)
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Reine 'Pumpkin' Wynter
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