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 Alastriona Moineir

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Alastriona Moineir

Alastriona Moineir

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Alastriona Moineir (Astra)
Pureblood (with a possibility of being Half-Blood)

Fair complexion with dark features - grey eyes; long, black, wavy hair. She is a bit tall for her age but not akwardly so and carries herself well without really trying. She carries a little extra weight which is more from muscle and is also distributed well.

Astra is quiet and introspective and has a tendancy to study people - when she is not preoccupied with her own thoughts. She generally seeks solitude which allows her to be more in control of her thoughts, ideas and plans; fortunately the grounds at and around Hogwarts afford her ample opportunity. She does however entertain a few friendships and finds pleasure in the company of a select few; too much social interaction is usually mentally draining to her. She can get defensive and defiant easily, can be sincere as well as sarcastic, and is usually good at hiding her thoughts and feelings.

Astra sees herself as a Pureblood although she does not have much information about her true lineage. Astra was raised by Wizards as their own, although Astra is in the process of uncovering the truth about her real parents. She has learned her mother was quite young and gave Astra away upon her birth. Astra is seeking more knowledge about both her parents, her mother is rumored to have been aligned with members of the Order of the Phoenix, while her father remains a mystery – though Astra has discovered that one of the reasons she was given up was the fact that her mother couldn’t bear the thought of Astra’s father being fascinated with and practicing the Dark Arts. Astra felt no regret and (she would not confide to many) actually felt some satisfaction upon learning her mother was killed while trying to oppose the Dark Lord. She has developed somewhat of an obsession with her father – feels a closeness to him though she doesn’t know him. She desires to know more about the Dark Arts, and has a tendency to go after what she wants using whatever means necessary. At a young age she had an innate ability to read people – she can usually tell when someone is lying to her or hiding something from her. She also can mask her own thoughts and feelings with relative ease. She convinced her family to allow her to go to Hogwarts – they tried to dissuade her and would have preferred her to go elsewhere; but since the moment she had the sorting hat place her in Slytherin she has felt at home and at peace. Before she even came to Hogwarts she developed an interest in Legilimency and Occlumency when she came across a book on the subjects, and tries to learn and practice as much as she can from it - would like to study it more - but is uncertain of who to approach.

Alastriona Moineir - Slytherin 5th year
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Alastriona Moineir
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