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 Getting rid of his burden

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Reed Black

Reed Black

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PostSubject: Getting rid of his burden   Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:27 am

Reed walked up the steps, to the owlery, clutching his poorly written letter in his right hand. All the way up the staircase he had been thinking of all the things he could have written, but hadn't had the strength to do so. He felt guilty, guilty that he couldn't even write a proper letter to his father that he apparently 'loved so much'.
As he reached the top of the steps, he felt a few droplets of water hit his face. He looked up at the grey sky and sighed. Some, summer this is going to be, he thought, as he wrapped his cloak tighter around himself, in attempt to hide from the wind. His hair whipped at his face as he made his way to the owls, searching for his own. A mangled and old owl sat huddled up in the corner, its eyes closed, and barely moving. Reed panicked a little, wondering if it had died. You never knew with Widgeon; she was old and worn out, she had been in the family for years now. Personally, he never liked owls, he always preferred cats, but this owl was special. She had belonged to his mother.

"Widgeon," he whispered to the sleeping owl, "Wake up, I need you to send a letter for me," he stroked the owls head gently, a lump forming in his throat. She brought back memories, loads of them, of his mother, mostly. The owl woke with a start, its head turning back and forth. As Widgeon's eyes slowly focused on Reed, she gave a quiet 'hoot' and ruffled her feathers. Seeing that he was holding a letter, she ruffled her feathers once more, distressed, and not wanting to fly in these awful conditions.
Reed extended his hand, allowing her to shuffle onto it. He pulled out a bit of string from his pocket and carefully attached the letter to Widgeon's leg, making sure it was fixed tightly. If it were to get lost, who knows if Reed would have the strength to write a new one. Still grasping his robes as the wind tore at them, Reed made his way to the edge of the tower. Widgeon arranged her feathers, preparing for lift off, reluctantly. He looked up at the dark sky, wondering if Widgeon would ever make it. Azkaban wasn't exactly around the corner. The rain was still falling, but not as heavily as before. Summer at Hogwarts really was strange; he missed the sun. He hadn't seen it in days.

Widgeon spread her wings, and with one final 'hoot' she flew from his arm and up into the sky. Reed watched her swoop through the air, a bit unsteady at first. It was clear that she hadn't flown in a while. As she became smaller and smaller, Reed wondered if his father would ever get this letter. They probably don't just let anything through at Azkaban, but it was worth a shot, he had no other choice.
The rain started to fall heavier, so he turned to go back to the warm and dry Hall. Widgeon had disappeared and was nowhere to be seen. Now he would just have to wait and see if she would make it back, hopefully with a reply letter. He entered the tower and started descending the stairs, ruffling his damp hair, his mind still on his owl.
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Getting rid of his burden
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