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 An Abrupt Departure.

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PostSubject: An Abrupt Departure.   Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:31 am

Giving herself no time to catch her breath, Lemon snapped out the answer to the riddle and pushed her way through Ravenclaw Tower's outgoing foot traffic into the common room. Leaving groans and grumbles behind her, she fled up the stairs to her dorm. Her trunk was already packed and waiting to go. All that was needed were the little treasures she kept beneath the loose floorboard beneath her bed. Giving the only other occupant in her dorm a 'don't-mess-with-me' glare, she gestured for the girl to leave. It was no surprise to Lemon that the girl did so without hesitation.
As soon as the door closed she threw herself under her bed, crawling right over to the wall at the head of the the bed. Just to the left of the center of the bed was a loose floor board Lemon had found early in her first year. Since then, it had become her owl, personal, safe. Tapping her wand against the board, Lemon felt the charm ring through the anklet charm she wore. If anyone else tried to get into her secret hiding place, the charm would have burned. Flitwick, her much despised head of house, did at least recognise her talents in charm work. Very rarely did she have to practice a charm once she got it. Once learned, it was hers for life. From the hole she pulls out a mokeskin pouch given to her by her father when she was just seven years old, a old photo of her sister, her face hidden beneath a mass of what Lemon took to be black hair. Like her hair, the coin rescued from the lake after that over helpful boy, Ever Flame, caused her to drop it, and a small phial of clear liquid.
Stowing these things in her bag, Lemon throws open the window and summons her trunk and broom, tying her trunk onto the back of her broom. No one would notice her missing for a few days yet, and she was not meeting her contact for another two days. She would spend the night at the manor.
Jumping from the ledge, she swings the broom beneath her and zooms through the sky, away from the castle. Her last thought, brutally shoved away to the back of her mind, of regret.
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An Abrupt Departure.
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