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 Packing Up

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Cassandra Crouch (CC)

Cassandra Crouch (CC)

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PostSubject: Packing Up   Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:57 am

She walked into her dorm after passing many people heading down to the entrance hall. Sighing she looked around. Nobody was in the sixth year dorm. Apparently they had all left already. She only had one more year in this dorm before she would leave it forever. Saddened by the thought, she started packing up her few belongings. Her textbooks, both old and new, took up most of the bottom of the trunk. She stuffed a few small personal belongings that she had carried with her for years now next to them inside her cauldron. Next, her five school robes, a scarf, gloves, and hat. A few pairs of socks. She dug inside her cloak for the random things stored there. Her quills, two ink bottles, and a few scrolls of parchment soon followed the clothes. She sighed feeling the library book. Then broke off a piece of parchment and quickly wrote out the book name and page number and stuffed it in the top textbook. A History of Magic, how fitting. She thought looking down at it. The library book she had been reading contained a few biographies of notable wizards in the nineteenth century. She could always read it next term. She looked around her dorm again absently then chuckled to herself. Are you expecting belongings to appear out of nowhere? She was finished packing, the few things that she could call hers. Putting Hermes' cage on the trunk securely, she grabbed the end of the trunk and rolled it to the door. Then stopped and looked behind her one last time. Goodbye, dorm. I will be back soon. She still needed to pack up Hermes. She would do that next, after dropping off the trunk. Vaguely, she wondered where Lemon had gotten to. She hoped she hadn't done anything too rash. She left the dorm and began the slow climb down to the entrance hall to drop off her trunk.
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Packing Up
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