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 Icewell 'Oreo' Oakley

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Icewell 'Oreo' Oakley


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PostSubject: Icewell 'Oreo' Oakley    Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:02 am

Name: Icewell 'Oreo' Oakley
Gender : Female
Age: 11
House : Slytherin
Blood Status : Half Blood

Appearance : Short apparently -.- Short dark straight hair that flops into her eyes a lot . Dark eyes . Medium build .

Personality : Cheerful kid but a nervous one too. Doesn't mind adventures but will always be very cautious around dangerous situations and doesn't enjoy running headlong into things. Friendly to most anyone who is , though it takes a while to start a conversation because of her shy nature. Not one to easily trust people with secrets. Doesn't like confrontations and will try to wiggle her way out of any awkward situations .
Likes subjects like Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts , despairs of Potions and flat out refuses to get onto a broom .

Backstory : Grew up with her Muggle mother . Her wizard father left when she was young so she has no memory at all of him and had no knowledge about the magical world . First time she heard of it was when she got the letter to Hogwarts . (there is more to come but I'm saving that for later )

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Icewell 'Oreo' Oakley
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