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 Opening an account

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Tor Odinson


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PostSubject: Opening an account   Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:15 pm

Tor was not used to wearing wizarding robes, he found them uncomfortable and confining but today he had to wear something nice since he was in town due to business purposes. He looked up at Gringotts and strode towards the white building, upon arriving he quickly moved over to a free till and waited patiently for the goblin to finish whatever it was doing. The goblin finally notices Tor and gave him what you could call a goblin like smile, it was more of a grimace than an actual smile. "Good day sir, how may I help you?" The goblin spoke. "I would like to open an account please, I'am of legal wizarding age and have brought some muggle money with me to set into my new account." Tor responded evenly. "Very well." The goblin, opened a drawer and reached for some papers. "You will need to fill in these papers and sign the marked areas, we will then issue you a vault and of course your key." Tor dutifully filled out the forms and signed where necessary, giving the forms back to the goblin he also handed over the muggle money he has brought with him. "To open a new account there will be a fee." Tor just nodded towards the goblin whilst the goblin was busy with counting the muggle money and sorting the papers. After he has counted the money he told Tor to wait where he was and walked into a room behind the till. Approximately 15 minutes later the goblin came back and handed Tor a small gold key. "The key to your vault which is vault number 613." Tor took the key and tucked into an inner pocket of his robes. "Thank you for all of your help." He bowed his head ever so slightly and walked back out into Diagon Alley. I should probably ask the shops for some work, the money won't last me long. He grimaced slightly at that thought and began to make his way through Diagon Alley asking shop keepers if they need an extra pair of hands.
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Opening an account
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