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 Arrival [open]

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PostSubject: Arrival [open]   Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:51 pm

Pumpkin apparated to Hogsmeade station, when her feet touched the floor she stumbled slightly but managed to regain her balance. She winces slightly as she jostled her injured shoulder and summoned a sturdy branch from the forest nearby. She sighed and leaned heavily against the branch and limped towards Hogsmeade. I hope they don't follow me here, I should have lost them somewhere in Dublin. She carefully made her way from off the platform taking extra care as to not jostle her shoulder even more or irritate any of her other wounds.
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PostSubject: Re: Arrival [open]   Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:08 am

She didn't know why she came to Hogsmeade, she just hoped they couldn't find her here. As she slowly made her way to Hogsmeade she thought about stopping by Honeydukes she was running low on blood pops anyways. Whilst limping to Honeydukes she wondered where her friends where, Captain she ran into but she has heard nothing from either CC or Lemon. She frowned slightly at the thought but shook her head, it wasnt like she tried to contact them either. She finally came up to Honeydukes and made her way inside. She filled her basket with blood pops and walked past the pumpkin pasty stand to pay and stopped short. CC likes pumpkin pasties. I miss her. She picked out some pumpkin pasties, sugar quills, fudge and chocolate. With her baskets of sweets she payed at the counter and walked out the shop. I need a place to stay for a while. The Hog's head would do she thought and headed towards it. She entered the pub her branch making dull thudding noises as she limped up to the counter.
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Arrival [open]
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