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 Coralyn Rei Cassady

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Coralyn Rei Cassady


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PostSubject: Coralyn Rei Cassady   Tue Jul 03, 2012 1:27 pm

Name: Coralyn (Core) Rei Cassady
Gender: Female
Age: Sixteen
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Pureblood

Appearance: About 5'5" with straight, black hair that skims her shoulders and side-swept bangs. She has a runner’s physique and holds herself proudly and with poise. Her skin is often pale but could tan easily if she decides to spend some time in the sun. If just glancing her way, she’s usually seen as aloof unless she in interacting with other people which is, generally, when her wall goes up and she puts on a friendly facade.

Personality: Core considers herself some sort of a professional hider where she is often seen with a smile on her face when other people are around; she could be quite friendly and enjoys teasing others. But, inside her head, it’s a whole ‘nother story where she questions herself and gets trapped in a vicious cycle of become better than she is. Core doesn’t believe in perfection, just constant improvement. She has high expectations for herself and is constantly pushing herself to do better and she would use any means to get better and to a higher position (besides using family as a stepping stone, who she is, currently, distancing herself from). To release this pent up insanity, she could be seen scribbling on parchment or immersing herself in another world through daydreaming or reading a book.
Even though she was taught that muggle-borns are the “lesser beings,” she chooses not to treat them any differently than she would anyone else. Core strongly values intelligence and believes that intelligence, as a trait, does not discriminate through blood since it would be a shame to limit intelligence to one type of people.
Some of her quirks include: singing to herself when she thinks no one’s listening, random bursts of laughter, and rubbing her fingers together.

Backstory: Pureblood Slytherin who’s in her 6th year. She has led a pampered but not sheltered life, much, to the chagrin of her parents. Her siblings often tease her about how she ruined herself through constantly educating herself and through her need to try new things (for e.g. muggle sports, music, and technology). Because of her and her parents’ differing views on blood status, they were either constantly known to argue when seen together or the tension around them was high. When Core turned sixteen, she gave her parents an ultimatum to start tolerating her views or she would leave. From then on, her family has begun to, grudgingly, tolerate her beliefs. (May be expanded..)
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Coralyn Rei Cassady
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