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 Cecilia Midnight Nott

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PostSubject: Cecilia Midnight Nott   Cecilia Midnight Nott I_icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 12:14 pm

Name: Cecilia Midnight Nott (Cel)
Gender: Of the feminine persuasion.
Age: Sixteen.
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Pureblood (Considered a blood traitor)

Standing at about 5'7" - Cecilia has a proud stance, which often makes her look taller than she actually is. She has a fierce quality about her, and a fighter's spirit - which can often be caught in her very green eyes. Her hair is a mess of auburn, which she is constantly trying to brush out of her eyes.
She has a range of facial expressions - but her most common ones are either a raised eyebrow in a 'oh really?' fashion, or a slight smirk. When she's caught gazing off into space, she is often asked why she looks so sad, to which she often replies with much surprise.
Over the years, she's learnt how to master the way that muggles dress - though she had to master this in secret, away from the watchful gaze of her family. Even when she wears muggle clothing - she is very choosey over what to wear.

Though she is incredibly stubborn and sarcastic, Cel usually manages to keep her arrogance in check, until she gets tired. The more tired Cecilia gets, the amount of people she pisses off usually increases quite a bit. She has a sharp tongue and doesn't hesitate to use it. She's a bit touchy about the topic of family and blood traitors. Otherwise she tends to be a trouble maker - finding new ways to break the monotonous air that usually hangs around the Great Hall. She dislikes being copied, and hates it when she finds out that she may have copied someone else's idea too - though when she does, she makes sure that she does it better. She loves fun, loves a game, and loves a challenge - and gets bored with people when they stop being challenging or interesting.

Cecilia grew up in the Nott Manor and often had contact with other pureblood families as a child. Her parents often had her playing with the other children in hopes that they would influence her with their views (which in turn were influenced by their own parents). When they saw that it was no use, the kept her away from the other children as much as possible - making her take lessons on the history of the family and other pureblood lines when the other children were over. The Nott family tried all sorts of ways to convince young Cecilia Nott that she was definitely a Slytherin and that she should not worry about any other house as the other houses were inferior.
However, despite all their efforts, Cecilia was sorted into Gryffindor. Her family were horrified.
Over the years, Cecilia grew more and more distant from her family - who still seemed to be suffering from the shock of her sorting. She managed to sneak out of the manor and once or twice explored a muggle village nearby. It was during these visits to the muggle village that she realised just how little she knew of the muggle world, and how lost and vulnerable she was in their world. She hated that feeling - and in an attempt to expand her knowledge, she took Muggle Studies (which she kept secret from her family).
The summer before her sixth year, she ran away from her family's manor and is still on the run - however with summer holidays fast approaching, her time to find somewhere else to stay is fast running out.

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Cecilia Midnight Nott
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