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 Paris Claymore-Hawthorne

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Paris Claymore-Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Paris Claymore-Hawthorne   Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:59 am

Name: Paris Claymore-Hawthorne
Gender: Male
Age: 15
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Half-blood

Appearance: Blond, pale, grey eyes, somewhat short for his age at 5'5"/165cm. Favours black clothes.

Personality: Paris has quite the silver tongue when he wants to. He appears polite, patient and kind, and he is generally easy to talk to. However, despite his pleasant ways, he cares very little about the feelings of others. He is resourceful and has a sharp mind, and can therefore be useful to have on one's side in a pinch, but he can rarely be counted on for help unless there is some personal gain in it for him on one level or another.

He has a vain streak, and despite being an illegitimate child, he has embraced his Pureblood father's aristocratic lifestyle, and would like to think of himself as refined. He prefers to avoid physical activity, and is often seen reading, or simply lounging about.

Backstory: The Claymores are a long line of Pureblood Ravenclaws. Paris' mother, Perenelle Hawthorne, is a Muggleborn.

Long story short, Paris has a half sister, Meredith Claymore, born less than a year before him. Paris was taken in by his father after he was born, and raised largely away from his mother, but was never fully accepted by his extended family. This has only gotten worse since his first year at Hogwarts, because he broke the family tradition and ended up in Slytherin like his mother, rather than Ravenclaw.

He has a relatively good relationship with his sister, and is doted on by his father. His father's wife, however, treats him coldly, and Paris, in turn, ignores her existence as much as possible.
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Paris Claymore-Hawthorne
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