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Wendy Rain

Wendy Rain

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PostSubject: Wendy Rain   Wendy Rain I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2012 2:02 am

Name: Wendy Rain
Gender: female
Age: 12
House: Hufflepuff
Blood Status: Half blood (parents are both magical, but both her parents are Muggleborn)

Appearance: Wendy is a girl with long dark blond hair and blue eyes. She's not short, but also not tall for her age. She has a normal posture. She would like to be a little bit more thin, but she finds it hard to stay away from the snacks. She has small, red lips, and always a healthy blush on her cheeks. She has a straight nose, a bit longer than the noses the other girls have. Also, because puberty is not far away, she has a few pimples, mostly on her chin.

Wendy is not unattractive, but also not the most attractive girl in the bunch. Her nails are short because she sometimes bites them off, even though she claims she doesn't. For make up, she only wears mascara and sometimes uses nail polish. When not wearing the school uniform, Wendy is mostly spotted in skirts, dresses or shorts. She enjoys following the trends in the Muggle fashion, so she also looks the part.

Personality: Wendy is quite a Hufflepuff. Before she got sorted, she always thought she was going to be in Ravenclaw, because of her smartness and her need to study. After ending up in Hufflepuff, she was a little disappointed, but soon found out that she was a true Hufflepuff. A few of the things Wendy values the most are fair play and hard work. She is also friendly to other people and always ready to help others if they don't understand something.

Even though she is friendly, she does judge quickly and quite harsh. But most of the time, what she truly thinks of people is kept in her head. She knows other people have unfriendly thoughts about her too, and she wouldn't like them to tell her everything. Another of Wendy's flaws is her dependence on other people. Wendy doesn't really know how to clean, or cook. At Hogwarts, this doesn't matter, but what will happen when she enters the 'real world'? Wendy has a knack for rules. Rules are very important to her. Because of that, she may sometimes come across as quite serious.

Wendy's passion is theatre. She loves to sing, act and dance, and is quite good at it. She also enjoys reading, writing and having fun with friends. She loves magic and learning everything about it. Her top subject is Charms, and she is also very good at History of Magic.

Backstory: Wendy is an only child, born to a wizard and witch. She has always been quite spoiled, getting what she wants. She didn't turn out to be snobbish, though. Wendy was really late in learning to walk, but extremely fast in learning to talk. She was a clever child, and showed signs of magic early on. A book she wanted to be read to her, flew from the shrank on her mother's newspaper.

At Muggle primary school, Wendy always strived to get perfect grades. She turned out to be in love with point systems. She made some friends, but after Muggle school, she didn't really have to see them again.

Her first year at Hogwarts was fun. She learned a lot and made some friends. She doesn't have best friends yet, though, but she really wants to change that second year. In the summer vacation, she plans to do a many fun things and visit Diagon Alley a lot. Next year, she also has a plan to start a drama club.
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Wendy Rain
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