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 Basil Blishwick

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Basil Blishwick

Basil Blishwick

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PostSubject: Basil Blishwick   Basil Blishwick I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2012 9:34 am

Name: Basil Blishwick
Gender: Female
Age: 17
House: Ravenclaw
Blood Status: Pure-blood

Appearance: At 5'3 she is known as a bit on the short side for her age. She has dark brown hair that goes down to the middle of her back and turns light brown durning the summer and fall months. She almost always wears it down, though she will tie it up in a pony tail if she is in deep thought. Her eyes are dark brown and always have a glint of mischief in them, no matter how small. You'll always see her in her school uniform except for once in a blue moon when she doesn't. Seems to always look very tired from late night strolls in the Forbidden Forest, but covers up by saying she was up studying all night.

Personality: Seems to always look for trouble, but hides her mischievous acts with school work. Tries to agree with everyone, even when she disagrees deeply. Keeps her opinion on blood status to herself, only her close friends know how she talks about people behind their back. Spends some of her free time in secret rooms and passages. When she disappears for long amounts of time she is most likely to be found in the forest. Plays as a beater in qudditch with friends, but never has tried out for the house team. She can be snappy once in a while when she is hiding something.

Backstory: I'm working on it. Be patient.

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Basil Blishwick
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