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 Meeting with McGonagall [Closed to everyone]

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Thomas 'Hex' Selwyn


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PostSubject: Meeting with McGonagall [Closed to everyone]   Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:00 pm

There he was, sitting in one of the armchairs of Professor McGonagall's office with her staring at him like he was an animal in a menagerie. It was not comfortable at the least with her hawk-like eyes watching, he trembled a little. He was supposed in his four poster bed, asleep and snoring comfortably but that was not what was happening to him right. "Have a biscuit." She said in a commanding voice. "Er...I don't have a appetite for any biscuit's right now." He said, nervously. "I said, Mr. Selwyn, have a biscuit." She issued in a sharp voice quiet her's when she praised his work in her class. He looked up at her and saw the hard and stern lines on her face. He found he had an appetite for biscuits right then so he grabbed one and began munching on it. "So." The Professor said coldly when he had finished. "I am very disappointed in you Mr. Selwyn. Attacking a Prefect. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk." She stared at him again disapprovingly. He said nothing. "I know you are usually up to your usual antics Thomas but in the first week! I do not approve of that. You get into trouble in the first week!" She raised her voice a little, he also noticed that this was the first time in this conversation that she had referred to him as Thomas. "You attacked Kaila Darington did you not?" He sighed deeply. "I panicked! I was going to get into your office and receive punishment. So I panicked!" She considered him coldly. "Fifty points from Gryffindor and detention for a month with me, tomorrow Five O,clock. From then it continues. You are excused Mr. Selwyn." She said, her eyes boring into his with tight line on her lip. He stood up and began to open the door, grasping the door handle, exiting the room a bit relieved.
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Meeting with McGonagall [Closed to everyone]
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