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 Musings in the Common Room [closed]

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Cassandra Crouch (CC)

Cassandra Crouch (CC)

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PostSubject: Musings in the Common Room [closed]   Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:37 am

She sits on one of the couches furthest away from the fire and any students inside. Most of them were either in the library or eating a late supper luckily for her. Suddenly a glimmer on her chest distracts her and she looks down. Oh, the badge.... she thinks to herself. She still couldn't get used to that, or the fact that she actually had to serve detention for the next two weekends with Professor Flitwick. She laughs quietly to herself remembering Captain finally taking a stand and getting her and Pumpkin in trouble. Luckily Flitwick had always been nice to her. He had seemed slightly disappointed but not altogether furious with her. Obviously because I still have the badge. She glances down again and then looks around the common room. Lemon still hadn't shown up since the new term. She was worried but could do nothing about it. Then she sighs abruptly. Snapes potion essay won't write itself, she thinks as she reaches down into her bag and pulls out her potion book. Going to be busy for a while now.... She sighs again then begins the essay.
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Musings in the Common Room [closed]
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