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 Vanessa Helstrom

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Vanessa Helstrom


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PostSubject: Vanessa Helstrom   Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:42 pm

Name: Vanessa Helstrom, better known as Nessa, Nessie etc.
Gender: Female
Age: 15 (Fourth year)
House: Hufflepuff
Blood Status: Half-Blood

Appearance: Long, light brown hair that reaches her midriff, curling into loose ringlets at the end. Her eyes are light grey, not unlike clouds after they have rained. She is slightly taller than average height, having fair skin and a lean frame, partly inherited from her Nordic ancestry. She usually wears a red ribbon in her hair; it makes her feel less plain.

Personality: Reserved and friendly at first meeting, but will eventually open up to people, willing to listen to others. She is never one to judge or hold grudges, so is easy to get along with. Nessa can also be very spontaneous, and sometimes verges on being brutal with her honesty. People wonder if 'calm' is her middle name, because she only gets irritated if severely provoked. She is prone to forgetting her manners as well, and tends to intensely stare at people before communicating with them, a nervous habit. She is hyper aware of how people perceive her, and can be a bit defensive on occasion, especially if she feels threatened or overwhelmed.

Backstory: Comes from a generally comfortable background, with her uncle being Martin Helstrom, the keeper for the Nordic National Quidditch Team. His influence has gotten her interested in Quidditch, but she hasn't been good at it so far. Her mother is a muggle called Niamh, and she has spent most of her life living peacefully with her. Nessa's father is a wizard called Eric, and they get on without trouble. She moved to the outskirts of London at a young age once it was proven she had magical ability, and has been keeping in touch with her uncle ever since.

Nessa has one sister, Angelina, who is 10 years old and has not joined Hogwarts yet.

Vanessa Helstrom
Hufflepuff - Fourth year - Neutral, honest, shy.
Nobody can hurt you without your permission.

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Vanessa Helstrom
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