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 Remington Zabini

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Remington Zabini

Remington Zabini

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PostSubject: Remington Zabini   Remington Zabini I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 3:53 pm

Name: Remington Brahman Zabini
Gender: Male
Age: 16
House: Ravenclaw
Blood status: Pureblood

Appearance: Remington is tall and slim, bordering on gangly, with dark hair and a fringe that hangs over his green eyes. He is fascinated by time and so is never seen without his treasured pocket watch, which he keeps clipped to him via a chain at all times. He occasionally plays with it when he's thinking, or bored. When he talks, he is extremely animated and uses a whole lot of hand gestures to emphasise his point. When he walks, he's very buoyant and rarely walks without a bit of a swagger.

Personality: Remington is what you would call a free spirit. He is very energetic and always on the move. He has a tendency to get distracted easily and he can't stay in the same spot for too long, always fidgeting if he has to be still. Being a Zabini, he grew up in a very pro-pureblood household and is therefore inclined to prejudice against muggle-borns. Despite this, he is very cheerful, a little rash and eccentric and is not afraid to show his emotions.

Remington is extremely clever and he knows this. He has very keen eyesight, a brilliant memory, and is not afraid to show off his knowledge, appearing smug and boastful at times. However, because of this, he is easily bored, and constantly craves action and excitement in order to keep him happy. He is often harsh with those who are too slow to figure things out. His personality and the personality of his childhood friend Dimitri Carrow complement each other and Dimitri is often the only one Remington can stand for long periods of time.

Backstory: Wouldn't you like to know? (code for: I have written it, but I can't tell you.)
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Remington Zabini
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