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 Valery Johanna Prince

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Valery Prince


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PostSubject: Valery Johanna Prince   Sat Jun 16, 2012 7:58 am

Name: Valery Johanna Prince
Gender: Female
Age: Sixteen.
House: the noble house of Slytherin.
Blood Status: Pure-Blood.

Appearance: Valery stands 5.8" feet, but has very long legs.She has dark-blonde, curly, half-long hair, wich is most of the time in a messy bun on her head or in a pony-tail. Her eyes are bright and green, almond shaped. She always wears her sneakers, or heels. Of course she wears her school uniform, but if she doesn't, she wears some dark blue skinny jeans and a top. She has full, red lips, most of the time curled in a half smile. On her right hand, she wears a silver ring, with a little crown engraved in it.

Personality: She is quit friendly, to everyone, exept if she doesn't like someone. She is quickly jealous, the part she hates about herself. She has a really evil side, wich she shows when she is angry, disappointed or sad. When she wants something, she is driven to get it. She can be really flirty and romantic. She makes quickly friends, but she only trusts her best friends. She is always very interested in someone else, and forgets about herself. She can be really crazy, when she is in the mood, and loves to party.
Backstory: ( currently working on it )
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Valery Johanna Prince
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