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 When the mind wanders. [open]

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PostSubject: When the mind wanders. [open]   Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:27 pm

Cecilia Nott found a comfortable position on the couch, stretching across it. Her mind wandered over what she had done. The candles flickering. The cut ropes on the floor. The doors in Lily's mind that were shut closed. The temptation to reach out and force them open. Similar.
She forced that out of her head and stared out the window, trying to think of something else. The sky was still dark. Somehow she always found herself walking in the dark. A movement caught the corner of her eye and a black cat jumped up onto her lap. "Hey Luc." She murmured, stroking the cat's fur. Lucifer looked at her face, and if sensing her troubled mood, settled down on her lap.
Her mind trailed back to the holidays. It had been filled with mindless wanderings, very close escapes, and it had seemed so short. Too short. She hadn't seen Reed Black since then and she wondered what had happened to him. Where had he gone? He would probably waltz in with a bottle of firewhiskey, cheeky grin, and teasing lines. It wasn't quite as fun drinking firewhiskey without him around. Though he'd probably end up in the hospital wing, again. She snorted to herself.
She petted the cat absentmindedly as Luc purred soothingly. "Don't you dare go and get petrified," She muttered, remembering Mrs. Norris. Mrs Norris who had only started to grow her fur back to its usual state after last year. She grinned, remembering that incident.
And then her mind strayed to other people. Leo. Cel knew that with Vine back, she'd have to go back to being extra watchful. She didn't want to drag her best friend down into the mess she was in. She refused to, even though she knew Leo would stand at her side pretty much the entire way down. Cecilia remembered that she hadn't asked Leo how her family meeting had gone.
Blood was another Cel hadn't seen quite as often, though she suspected this had to do with the fact that Blood now had Head Girl duties. She tried to imagine Blood as Head Girl and shook her head, chuckling slightly.
Seeker and Spell - the two that never failed to amuse her with their stories and actions and adventures. An adventure. A smile graced her face as she thought of the ones she had. All of them were so very dear to her, and yet she felt she hadn't seen any of them at all.
And her mind strayed again, this time to Hayden. She hadn't seen him for longer than she hadn't seen the others. It was like he had just disappeared off the face of the Earth - living her with packets of bertie botts beans and the symbol of 'Hope' traced on her hand.
A perspective change? That's what Blood had asked on the train as they left Hogwarts last year, and Cel believed she did have an answer now. She closed her eyes and felt Lucifer paw at her leg. She grinned and petted his head as she imagined that the others were in the room she was in now and even just the mere image seemed brighter. She opened her eyes, looking back at the cat, "I could do with some firewhiskey."

Cel Nott
Gryffindor - Sixth Year - Chaotic Good
It was as if the sky had fallen onto the world,
and they stood amongst the stars.

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When the mind wanders. [open]
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