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 Rune Rowle

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Rune Rowle

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PostSubject: Rune Rowle   Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:04 am

Name: Rune Rowle
Gender: Male (ooc female in case anyone didn't know)
Age: 6th year, 16 years old
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pureblood

Appearance: Tall (5ft 11in) a bit too skinny for his height, slightly tanned skin. His fringe is just a bit too long and he definitely needs a haircut. He always has a stubble. He has hazel eyes that are quite bright. He walks very confidently, often has hands in his pockets. He is light so can run fast, but isn't very muscular. He wears mostly casual clothes - buttoned shirt, top button undone, jeans - with his Slytherin robes on top.

Personality: He's a nice guy at heart, but exclusively. He is very picky about who he is friends with and reveals himself to, otherwise he's quite an arrogant but charming individual. He is quite flirty, and although this means he has a lot of short term flings, he doesn't have many close friends and it gets him quite disliked. He's not incredibly sociable, but when he actually cares about a friend he really cares. He is very confident in himself, quick with his tongue, knows what he wants and is determined to get it. He is very house-proud. He is a fence character, he doesn't know what side he is on, even though he always tells himself his ambition is to support the Death Eaters and his 'uncle' Thorfinn Rowle.

Backstory: He was raised by Thorfinn Rowle, and adopted the surname, but his father was a childhood friend of Thorfinn's who died in a battle when he and his twin sister, Ruby, were young. Rowle never mentioned much of the children's father to them, but they're mother, Lucretia Gamp, would tell the kids stories of when their father was young. Rune has been raised knowing his father believed in pureblood supremacy, and although he never became a Death Eater, he supported the idea of purification. He is very close to his mother and Thorfinn, and aspires to be like his father, but wouldn't let anyone know. The only person he trusts completely is his sister.
His reputation for mischief means the teachers don't trust him, but he does work hard and get good grades so they don't worry about him much. He aspires to become a member of the Ministry of Magic and influence it in favour of pureblood supremacy.
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Rune Rowle
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