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 The Smell of Vengeance (closed)

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Basil Blishwick


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PostSubject: The Smell of Vengeance (closed)   Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:12 am

Basil sat in the middle of the girl's bathroom on the Second Floor. In front of her sat her cauldron, all ready filled with a clear, sweet smelling liquid. Basil smirked. The potion itself may smell sickly sweet, but the effects were not. This potion, that Basil had discovered last year, gave the drinker egg sized boils, that every ten minutes, when they get too big, explode. She had slipped some into Hex's goblet this morning, but he hadn't drank it. That was the last vial so there she was, sitting on the floor of the girl's bathroom, hoping no one came in. She shook her head. She knew no one would enter this bathroom. Moaning Myrtle was here. She didn't understand why Myrtle stayed in the bathroom. Who would want to live in a bathroom? Basil shrugged again. That was Myrtle's business. Basil stirred the brew, it turning into an off-white color. She nodded. The potion was perfect. She took a few vials out of her pockets and filled them with the easy flowing liquid. She dropped all but one vial back into her pockets. She stared at the liquid that was in the bottle. Hex had it coming his way. He'd better watch where he steps now. And with that thought, she slipped the last vial into her pocket and began to pack up her cauldron and ingredents. Now she just had to find a way to slip the potion into his morning drink. This morning, Remington had helped her with that by turning his wand on Hex. She had to find something that would hold Hex's attention just as long as she needed. Basil picked up her cauldron and walked out of the bathroom, a bit surprised about not meeting Myrtle on her visit...

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The Smell of Vengeance (closed)
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