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Zoe Stellberg

Zoe Stellberg

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PostSubject: Nightminds[open]   Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:37 am

It was nearly 10 pm. The castle was very quiet, except for a house elf or two popping in to clean up and the dwindling fire crackling in the fireplace. Finishing her letter, she dropped her quill and stretched her arms out over her head, leaning back in the chair. A yawn escaped her lips as she rubbed her eyes. She looked through the window, her eyes fixed on the grounds. The Common Room was deserted. She felt rather odd because she was used to seeing a lot of people hanging out in Durmstrang. She took a deep breath and walked slowly towards the fireplace. She took a seat on one of the huge couches that was near the fire and placed her feet on the table. She found himself liking the solitude.
She decided to visit the owlery and send the letter, her brown owl, perched in her arm. "Your bloody heavy!" she said jokingly. She was sure her mother would be worried by now. She always been very close to her mother, being the only person that she has left.
The owlery was empty, except for the owls flying in and out. She released her owl which flew directly outside. With the owl gone, she breathed in deeply.

Congratulations, your one and only beloved daughter has landed herself in Gryffindor house, where dwell the courageous, the brave and the very loyal...Are you surprised? It is crazy here. I am tired and confused. I hope you are doing fine...I am sorry that I am not there to help you with the moving in and cleaning. You know how easy it is for me...
Students here are definitely more helpful and kind, especially the ones with yellow robes.
Green ones seem to be like Durmstrang students. There is an interesting rumor going around now, I will tell you about it later. For now, I can't be bothered with it.
Oh and yes.. there are muggle-borns. Not that they bully them but it makes me feel better somehow.
Take care.

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