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 Stormy minds [open]

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PostSubject: Stormy minds [open]   Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:56 pm

Cecilia Nott was in a painfully bad mood. To be honest, her mood hadn't been great since she had made that stupid Unbreakable Vow because she had felt cornered and her mind hadn't been working at that moment. She hated herself for being weak then.
And now she was angry - angry at the possibility that bloody Vine bloody Lestrange could be the bloody Heir of Slytherin, and angry at herself.
And angry that no one was there to make her laugh.
That was what she loved most - laughing, and she loved the people that could make her laugh, that made her enjoy that moment, then and there, even if it wasn't the most happy or important of times. The moments that made her forget the stupid vow and everything else that was going on. The small things.
Her scowl deepened, making people back away slightly. She made a disgruntled noise and leant back on the couch. Most times she'd try to make light of the situation, but now wasn't one of those times. She closed her eyes. Where are you?

Cel Nott
Gryffindor - Sixth Year - Chaotic Good
It was as if the sky had fallen onto the world,
and they stood amongst the stars.

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Stormy minds [open]
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