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 Two Letters For Val. [closed]

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Valery Prince

Valery Prince

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PostSubject: Two Letters For Val. [closed]   Sat Aug 18, 2012 9:03 am

Val made her way to the Owlery. It has been a while since she had send her letter to her Grandparents, and she was exited about the response they were gonna write her. The writing on a wall was a mystery for all the students in Hogwarts, but Val was sure her grandparents would know something about 'the chamber.' Thats what she hoped, anyway.
She took the last slippy steps and made a face when the smell of owls, poop and mice sneaked into her nose. Val placed her hands an the wall to stop herself from being dizzy, the stink was dazzling her head. After the first shock, she got back on her feet and walked to the window to catch a bit of fresh air. Her gaze flashed around in the room, looking for Rumble or another owl with a letter. She wasn't even at the window, or two owls came her way. Rumble and a smaller, slightly darker owl. They took their places on her shoulders. One owl a shoulder, both extanding their leg at her. Exitement came up in her belly and she took a deep breath, wondering wich letter to open first.
Rumble burried his nails in her shoulder as she didn't respond. He chose for her, and with a smile Val took the letter off his leg. The owl stayed on her shoulder, waiting for his Owl Treat, or his hug. With shaking hands, she opened the letter.

What you ask us is highly secret information, and we are not allowed to talk about it. In a letter. If you really want to know about this, you should come home.
Come home anyway. Your grandfather is not doing well, he has been transferred to Mungo's for a better treatment. You might have to say goodbye to him.
I send a letter to Dumbledore, and he allows you to leave the school for two weeks, not a day longer. I command you to take the first train to London, take Floo Powder from that point. I will see you, as soon as possible.
Don't write me back. Take Rumble home.

Your Grandmother,

An smirk creeped up on her face. Leaving school, to get to know about the chamber ? Amazing. But, it sounded like her grandmother didn't know much about it either. She srugged, the smirk still on her fave, and she stroked Rumble on his belly.
"Good job, my birdie. Go get some rest." The owl flew away. It was just her, and the other owl. She had no idea who could've write that letter. There was no one, except her grandparents, she got letters of. The bird moved his foot irritated, because he had to wait quite long. Concern. Why concern ? Why did she feel concern, or something.
Something with that letter wasn't right. She shook off the feeling, and opened the letter.
We know. The Chamber has been opened. Tell us everything. Potter has anything to do with it. Don't forget us. We are bound. Write a letter, as soon as possible. We know where to find you.
The letter fell on the floor. Her hands were shaking. She kept blinking, not believing what she just read.
A feeling, she didn't know. Fear.. "One step at a time. One step at a time." She talked to herself. Her nailsburried in the palms of her hand.
Pain. She closed her eyes, feeling nothing but.
Fear and pain.
She opened her eyes, and as pale as a ghost, she left the tower.
Going home.

Valery Prince.

Slytherin - 6th year - Different.
No one cares.

Oink oink.
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Two Letters For Val. [closed]
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