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 A letter to Val [Val and Lils]

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Lily Luna Prewett

Lily Luna Prewett

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PostSubject: A letter to Val [Val and Lils]   Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:40 am

Lily made her way up to the Owlery before heading back to the dorms. It had been a while since she sent a letter, but thankfully her owl had found it's way to the school and now she had reason to. She pulled a small parchment from her pocket and read it over.


Hurry up and get back! I spoke to Rory, about the.. you know... and he wants to speak to you. I think he wants to sort things out. (Eeek!)
You're missing out on a lot of stuff. You know how before you left, there was the writing on the wall? Well.. now Colin's been petrified. (He's the kid that's ALWAYS taking photos.) Things are getting way crazy, and you're missing out! I know how you like drama.
Oh, and I found a letter on the floor when I got up here.. seems it been here a little while but it sounds pretty scary. Something to do with the chamber, and someone being bound... I don't know, the things some people write these days!
I have so much to catch you up on when you get back. We all miss you!
I hope everything with your family is okay, send them my love.
Write back soon.

Your Daisy x

Happy with it's content she rolled the letter up and tied it to the small owl's leg. "Take this to Valery Prince, and please don't get lost!" she whispered to it, stroking it's wing. She held it on her arm, kissed it's head then set it loose.
"Please get there safely" she said softly in to the night air as she watched the owl fly in to the darkness.

Lily Luna Prewett
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Valery Prince

Valery Prince

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PostSubject: Re: A letter to Val [Val and Lils]   Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:43 am

Her face lightened up as a owl flew trough the open window of her bedroom. She didn't know the owl, and there was a letter around is foot. Val hoped it was from one of her friends. She let the owl fly on her arm and she stroked his head lightly. "Hello there, owly. Are you brining a letter ? For me ?" She grinned. The owl exanded his foot and she got the letter off it. Her smile widened as she read the first sentences but disappeared as Lily started talking about a letter she had found. Was it ? She bit her lip and shrugged. Her name wasn't on it, so Lily would never know. Full enthousiasm, she got a piece of parchment and a quill and sat down behind her desk, sucking on the end of the quill. She smiled and started writing.

Omg, daarling ! I miss you guys too ! It might take a bit longer, since my granddad is still in the hospital and he is still very sick so my grandmother wants to keep me home. It really sucks. But whatever.
I have tought a lot about the thing with Rory. I have no idea what he wants, but tell him he can write me if it is urgent.
Another petrification ? Draaaaama ! I really want to be there now. Omfg fml. Hehe. Do they blame Potty again ? The poor kid.
Hm, weird. Scaaaaaary. Maybe we should make our own detective team, find out things like that yo. Hahahaha, like Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Can you imagine ? But we would have magic, that would be better.
How are things with you and Lestrange ? I still don't trust that dude, you know ! Do you take good care of yourself ?
I think I am back in two weeks, not any longer. Thats for writing me, btw, you are the first who misses me. Sob. I feel unloved.
I love you, my Daisyflower :).

Your Princess.

Val binded her letter around the leg of Lily's owl. "Can you bring it back to your lady, sweet Owly ? Thank you, darling." She stroked his head again and walked to the window, letting the owl fly away. And she watched the owl till it was only a black dot in the blue sky.

Valery Prince.

Slytherin - 6th year - Different.
No one cares.

Oink oink.
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A letter to Val [Val and Lils]
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