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 Immersed [Closed]

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Thomas 'Hex' Selwyn


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PostSubject: Immersed [Closed]   Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:41 am

He was there, sitting in his four poster bed, no actually, laying in his bed, with a book held in his hands, thinking and reading at the same time. No one else was in the dormitory right now, probably all were outside or in the Great Hall, some had urged him to join them, have fun since this was a free lesson, but he refused them and stayed. He had taken one look in the mirror and known that he was now a wreck, bloodshot eyes, shadows underneath his eyes from lack of sleep; he had been up all night, his robes were a mess too. He could easily fix it all, with one wave of his wand, without even having to say a word. 'You're doing this for the greater good', a voice whispered at the back of his head, that brought back a rush of memories, which ended up in a tear escaping his eyes, he shut his eyes tight, refusing to cry. This was driving him insane, the visions were everywhere, it was following him, he opened his eyes half-expecting the thing to come here. He ignored the voice for once and slammed the book down on the table where all the other books resided. He didn't care if Pomfrey would scold him. He would deliver the books back and forget about the Chamber ... And he did exactly that.

ooc - Tired of this type of Hex. -.- So I decided to change him to normal Hex ... for now.
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Immersed [Closed]
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