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 Times like these (open)

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PostSubject: Times like these (open)   Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:32 pm

Cecilia rolled the sweet over in her mouth as she leaned back on her seat, her eyes observing the rest of the students. She has to keep herself from sniggering. Each of them was lost in their own world where they were the center of everything and the sun revolved around them and so on and so forth. Everyone had it. Everyone. She did not deny that she herself had an air of self importance - after all, she was just a teenager like the rest of the,. A vessel of hormones, angst, and hyperactivity.

Cel Nott
Gryffindor - Sixth Year - Chaotic Good
It was as if the sky had fallen onto the world,
and they stood amongst the stars.

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Times like these (open)
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