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 Nothing [open]

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Vine Lestrange


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PostSubject: Nothing [open]   Thu Sep 13, 2012 6:03 am

Vine Lestrange was tired after attending classes, pretending to listen was more annoying than actually listening. He was standing next to the door of the great hall, observing people. He was used to monitoring after years of being prefect and than a year of head boy. He remembered making sure that there were no kids out of bed at night, or making sure no unauthorized dueling and hexing went on. But he liked to confiscate items, of course. Catching snoggers in corners also didn't interest him as much as others, although he would intervene if the girl was his own sister. Night Patrol was one of the more tiring duties, now that he had no responsibility he could enjoy his free time, thinking. He usually manned the front door after meals and told other prefects to go on patrol up and down the halls. Now, he was standing once again but he didn't have to do anything.

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Nothing [open]
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