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PostSubject: Passageways   Passageways I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 14, 2012 2:14 am

You don't really know about these, but I thought it might be useful for the role plays if...by chance you discover them.

Source : http://www.hp-lexicon.org

There are at least eight secret passages that run between the school and Hogsmeade.

1. Hogwarts third-floor corridor to Honeydukes cellar

To enter this passage from Hogwarts, one needs to tap on the statue of the one-eyed witch in the third floor corridor and say "Dissendium." It leads to a trap door in the floor of the Honeydukes cellar.

2. Whomping Willow to the Shrieking Shack

When Remus Lupin came to Hogwarts as a werewolf, this passageway was built. The tunnel is accessed by prodding a knot on the trunk of the Whomping Willow, and it leads to the basement of the Shrieking Shack.

3. The Room of Requirement to the Hog's Head Inn

A secret passage that "opened" in 1998 to allow renegade Hogwarts students who were in hiding to access food. Though the door is in plain sight in the Room of Requirement, the passageway can only be accessed from the Hog's Head through the portrait of Ariana Dumbledore on the second floor of the inn.

4. A secret passageway behind the mirror on the fourth floor

Fred and George used this passageway, also unknown to Filch, extensively until it caved in c. winter 1992.

Four secret passageways that Filch knows about:

Not all of these passages necessarily lead to Hogsmeade, though "most of them" probably do. Regardless, nobody can use them, because Filch keeps watch over them. One of these is behind a statue of Gregory the Smarmy.
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