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 Gilbert Goodwich

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Gilbert 'Gil' Goodwich

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PostSubject: Gilbert Goodwich   Gilbert Goodwich I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 21, 2012 8:54 pm

Name: Gilbert Goodwich, or just 'Gil.'
Gender: Male
Age: 17
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Half-Blood.

While standing at a total height of 5'5" - Gilbert is fairly short for a young man his age, not that he really minds. Carrying himself with an air of pride, his hair is a shade of golden honey blond and cut neatly then groomed into the perfect fohawk, spiked up down the center with a few fine strands of honey gold hair coming down to frame his handsome tanned face. His facial features art sharp and angular, with high cheek bones and big, vivid hazel eyes with flecks of pale green. When it comes down to the physical aspects, Gilbert proudly sports a lightly muscled frame and walks with a feline-like grace.

Like most students, he usually is seen wearing his school uniform.

To say that Gilbert is a proud individual is a serious understatement. No, this egotistical young man sports an confident, self-assured aura that rivals a King's!

Fortunately, he does have some good points about him despite his ego. Confident, friendly, brave, loyal and honest. These art his best qualities in a nutshell. If thou get on his good-side when thou first meet him, thou will have a true friend on thy side should the world turn against thou. He is confident in himself, his abilities, as well as the abilities of his friends and trusts them completely. When meeting peasants, be they an old friend or a new face, they will receive the same greeting, a warm lop-sided grin.

However like everyone, he has a dark-side to him. Egotistical, stubborn, prone to serious bouts of aggressive stupidity and being rude. More often than not, this little concoction of qualities usually lends itself to him getting in trouble way too often. Some of these art due to fights with others who look down on him because of his half-blood lineage, while other moments art simply due to various reasons, a.k.a. his tendency to be rude.

Backstory: (Still working on this.)
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Gilbert Goodwich
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