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 Alle Jones

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Alle Jones


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PostSubject: Alle Jones   Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:27 pm

Name: Alle Jones
Gender: Female
Age: 17
House: Ravenclaw
Blood Status: Muggleborn

Appearance: Alle is about 5' 3" with mid back length chocolate brown hair. Her eyes are a Slytherin green, and she has freckles from cheek to cheek. Despite her frail look, she is difficult to defeat in combat due to her quick and agile movements. She refuses to be caught looking unprofessional. She rarely smiles out of sincerity.

Personality: Alle will do anything to learn more. All she really wants is to know everything so that one day she might be able to help thoseB around her instead of just standing by and watching things happen. She strongly dislikes small talk because she finds it a waste of time. She is highly outspoken about standing up for her friends and her blood type. She doesn't hate people who call her a you-know-what, she hates people who think they're are better than others just because they can intimidate people. That's why she doesn't let anyone intimidate her. Alle is a defender of the law meaning that she won't let anyone get away with breaking rules no matter what. She will rarely use magic as a method of attacking, but she will bring out her wand. She might come accross as cruel from the outside, but she really has everyone's best interest in mind. She hates to see people get hurt because of other people.

Backstory: Alle grew up as any other muggle child did, going to primary school, learning basic subjects. She never even imagined something as spectacular as magic until she got the letter. At first she thought it was a giant joke because it was so irrational, but then she realized that it was all real, and that was one of the best moments of her life. She has a muggle mother and father, and a muggle younger brother, all of whom she misses terribly, even though she lives with the hope that one day she'll be able to help them and make their lives better. Alle's first and only love interest was with a pureblood who was meant to hate her. They would constantly mock each other, but in an odd turn of events he accidentally told her something he had been keeping a secret for years. They learned to understand each other and became secret friends. No one knew what they knew about each other. They had both fallen for one another, but neither would dare admit it. That was until one night when the boy approached her telling of how he was leaving because the family he had run from had found him and that he was meeting up with them so that they wouldn't hurt anyone else. That night they admitted their love for each other through quickly spoken words. She attempted to stop him, but he had bound her to a tree. After that night she knew that she would never be able to care for someone the way she did him. (I have this deeply thought out, but I'll save you all the sob story ;)

She strives to be top of her class, a good leader to all, in hope that one year she may be prefect or even head girl. She wants to make a difference with magic. A difference for the better.

Alle Jones

Ravenclaw- Sixth year- neutral good

"I am only one, but still I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do." - Edward Hale
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Alle Jones
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