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 Basil [Basil]

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PostSubject: Basil [Basil]   Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:57 pm

Lucifer walked leisurely up to the owlery, a blank parchment, quill and ink were tucked away safely in his satchel. Walking up the steps, he made his way inside, taking care so that he doesn't step on owl pellets and dung. Picking his way to a relatively clean area, he dropped his satchel on the floor and rummaged around for the parchment, quill and ink pot. Spreading the thick parchment out on the floor, he dipped his quill in the ink pot and began writing.


Saturday. Seventh floor. Alone.


The letter, if you could call it that was short and to the point. Lucifer had no fear that Basil would not come. She would. And he would get answers. Corking the ink pot, he dropped it back into his satchel with his quill. Calling down a school owl, he attached the letter to its leg and sent it on its way. Looking at the owl as it flew out the owlery, he picked up his satchel and left to go back to the castle.
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Basil [Basil]
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