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Basil Blishwick

Basil Blishwick

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PostSubject: Reply to: Basil. (closed)   Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:10 pm

Basil sat in the common room alone, just staring at the fire, the flames reaching up, looking for something to burn. She yawned and rubbed her face. She was tired, and you could tell by just looking at her that she was. She hadn't been able to sleep the past few nights. Not at all. She ran a hand through her tangled hair, sitting back into the chair. She was not in a mood to be bothered. She closed her eyes. If this would only end...

Her eyes snapped open a she heard a loud, high pitched screech and a loud thud come from the window. Soon after there was another thud. Frowning, Basil got up from her seat and went over to the window. She looked out, seeing nothing. Shrugging, she was just about to turn around and head back to her seat, when and owl came up from below and hit the window once more. 

Jumping back out of surprise, she watched as the owl disappeared once more. Pushing open the window slightly, she ducked as the owl shot into the common room, landing gracefully on the back of a chair. Basil walks over to the owl, untying the piece of parchment tied to the leg that he held out to her, her fingers fumbling on the tie. Finally getting the letter off the bird's leg, she reached up and stroked his head gently, the owl nipping her with affection before flying off once more. 

Basil settled back down in her seat, the letter in her hand. Carefully unfolding it, she read it. It was fairly short, so it didn't take her long to read it, then turn slightly pale. 


Saturday. Seventh floor. Alone. 


Basil bit her lip. Alone. Up on the seventh floor. The two just didn't go together so well. It made it seem like he didn't want to be seen. Because he doesn't   She swallows still looking down at the letter, running a hand through her hair once more. It would be stubborn to go. She places the letter down before rubbing her face. This was getting complicated. What was she suppose to do now? 

Even though she knew it was probably a bad idea, she decided she would in fact go on Saturday. Basil shook her head, sitting back in her chair. This was not something she needed at the moment. She looked into the fire once more, deep in thought. 

Basil Blishwick
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Reply to: Basil. (closed)
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