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 Introductory Post [closed]

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Leah Davies

Leah Davies

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PostSubject: Introductory Post [closed]   Fri Nov 30, 2012 4:20 pm

She sat down in the Ravenclaw common room near one of the large windows. She loved the open spaces within this common room; sometimes the other parts of the castle could get stuffy. As usual, she had sat by herself. Then again, this was pretty common in the Ravenclaw common room. Many of its inhabitants tended to stay to themselves. She shrugged off her thoughts and took out an old, clearly Muggle book. She opened it up and began reading from a point halfway through the book. However, if an outsider looked closely enough, he could see that she was more interested in the activity around the room. Since she had only grown up with her parents in a very secluded area, she was curious about other people. But she was also incredibly shy and prior to this moment she did not want to correct that. At this time though she finally realized that she could not live through her whole time at Hogwarts without making friends. She sighed, causing a few students to look in her direction. Instead of hiding behind her book, she attempted a hesitant smile. The students smiled back at her and beckoned her over to their area of the common room. Just as hesitantly she shook her head and stood up to go to her dormitory with the other fourth years. Quickly she prepared for bed and hid under the covers. One day I will have to cure myself of this terrible shyness, she whispered to herself before she started to fall asleep.

Ravenclaw - Fifth Year - Prefect
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Introductory Post [closed]
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