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 Veronica Hawthorne

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Veronica Hawthorne


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PostSubject: Veronica Hawthorne   Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:12 pm

Name: Veronica Celia Hawthorne.
Gender: Female.
Age: 17.
House: Slytherin.
Blood Status: Confirmed Pure Blood.

Appearance: As shown in picture.

Personality: Overall very polite and friendly in general. She is not very tolerant of ignorance and rudeness, and this can make her sardonic and prickly. Beneath the cold and collected mask, however, she is very sweet, and easily hurt. She is also a little naive at times.


Although a sixth year, it is her first time at Hogwarts, as she has traveled the world on many occasions and has not had a chance to settle in. She attended the Salem Witches' Institute briefly during her stay in America, but was otherwise home schooled up to this point. This time, however,due to her father's decision to remain in Scotland, she was enrolled in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her blood status is not certain, as her mother left shortly after her birth, but the Hawthornes are an old wizard family, and rather wealthy. She is adept at Potions, and enjoys practicing Charms and Transfigurations in her free time.

Seventh Year:
The happenings of her sixth year changed Veronica significantly. After the attacks and the situation with the Chamber of Secrets, Veronica had tracked down all of her family members across the globe and had questioned them until she got the answer she had wanted: she was a Pure Blood. Though this fact did not affect her directly, she started to take her role as the heir of Hawthorne almost religiously, focusing on her studies and setting her goal as a prominent figure in the Ministry. She has fully embraced her House and its qualities. Veronica has become much more proud and ambitious, and she no longer fears the rules. She still retains her politeness and respect for the staff at Hogwarts, but is not above bending a few rules to get what she needs.
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Veronica Hawthorne
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