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 Grace Smith

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PostSubject: Grace Smith   Grace Smith I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 05, 2012 12:31 pm

Name: Grace Smith
Gender: Female
Age: 14
House: Ravenclaw
Blood Status: Muggle born

Appearance: Alice has long, light brown hair that is often seen tied back when she is in thought. Her eyes are a deep blue, which are often compared to the color of the ocean. She's a good height for her age at 5'3. She wears muggle clothing whenever she can, for she finds them much more comfortable than her robes.

Personality: Alice can be a bit bold at times, for she isn't afraid of being herself. She likes to speak her own mind, and can be a bit of a loud mouth, though it doesn't happen very often. She can easily get people upset because of her comments. Really, she tries her hardest not to be a chatter box, and when she does, she can be quite quiet. But once she is silenced, she can stay that way for long periods of time, which seem to annoy people too. Most of the time, Alice can't sit still unless told to. She has many weaknesses, though one needs to find them to use them against her. She's not exactly a 'bookworm', but she does enjoy reading. But when she does read, it's not for pleasure. She usually does it just to get the work she has been assigned done and over with.

Backstory: Alice is the daughter of Mary McGarther and Thomas Smith. Alice has an older brother, Nick who holds no magical powers like his mother and father, though he supports Alice much more than she could ask for. Her ability to do magic showed at age seven when she got so angry at a friend, she caused a door to swing shut and smack them in the face. Since then, she has studied hard, hopeful to please her father who didn't want to send her in the first place.
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Grace Smith
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