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 Salix Felix Robur

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Salix Robur

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Name: Salix Felix Robur
Gender: Male
Age: 15
House: Hufflepuff
Blood Status: Half Blood

Appearance: 6ft 0, Blond hair and blue eyes. He has a bump in his nose and frizzy hair. His distinguishing features are his accent and his name, which was given to him in honor of his grandfather Salix Alba Robur, the great wizarding poet and his Great Great Grandfather Felix Robur, whom helped the Muggle Industrial Revolution.

His family line has almost always been Hufflepuff, though his Great Grandmother was a Slytherin and Gryffindors and Ravenclaws are dotted around the family tree, although the past three generations have been Hufflepuff. Salix is not that powerful when it comes to magic, but makes up for it with knowledge and loyalty.
He tends to keep his head down when ever anything to do with Slytherins is afoot as he doesn't want to be involved in any of their antics or schemes.

He has a younger brother and sister both of whom currently too young to start at Hogwarts. His brother will join in Salix's Sixth year at the school.

Personality: Salix is a quiet, studious person, though he can have his moment's of madness, particularly during times of stress and celebration. Although quiet, he is never stand offish or cold, he'll talk to almost anyone, so long as they start the conversation.

An excerpt from Magical Families of Great Britain

The Family Robur

The Robur family have held a magical seat in Northumberland for the past 400 years. A wealthy family, they have come under scrutiny in the past for not observing proper blood status. This has become more noticeable in recent times, as the modern trend of marrying muggles and half-bloods has become prevalent and fashionable. None of the current Robur children are pure.

A rich family, their fortunes were made, not in the magical world (though attempts were made, Kellen Robur and his wife attempted to open a magical furniture shop in Diagon alley in the early nineteenth century.), but in the Muggle world. Durning the Muggle Industrial Revolution, Felix Robur capitalised on the Northumbrian mine fields which were sprouting up in the area. Supposedly "Inventing" miracle devices that aided the extraction and simplified the process of mining for Muggles, when in fact, he was using magical methods all the time, raising many eyebrows within the Ministry and Magical community.

The family seat is in a village in the south east of Northumberland, Meggies Burn. Their Mansion, Link House, sits on the dunes over looking the beach to the east and farmland to the west. Being of typical Northumbrian stock, the family see no need for extravagance and posturing, more commonly seen in the more affluent, southern areas of England.
The current head of the family is George Robur, Auror. Of the three Robur Children, only one is currently in attendance at Hogwarts School.

Salix Robur
Dream Big, Start Small.
Hufflepuff - 5th Year - Quetly Watchful
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Salix Felix Robur
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