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 Rosaleen Marie Connolly

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Rosaleen Marie Connolly


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PostSubject: Rosaleen Marie Connolly   Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:11 am

Name: Rosaleen Marie Connolly
Gender: Female
Age: 14/15
House: Gryffindor, 4th Year
Blood Status: Half-blood
Political View: Indifferent, takes little interest in blood relations

Light brunette hair (which contains flecks of red when caught in sunlight due to it being altered from her natural red hair) that tumbles down to the small of her back, Fair skinned with many freckles, ice blue eyes, 5ft 2

Rather timid until she knows you, she tends to keep to herself and her studies. It is not, however, unusual to find her larking around outdoors due to her love of nature. When in her preferred habitat, she comes alive and is full of bubbly spirit.

Rosaleen's father works weekdays in London for the Daily Prophet, though returns to the home on weekends. Her mother stays at her home on the outskirts of Ardera in the County of Donegal, Ireland. She has one younger brother who is not yet of age so it is unknown whether he will be like herself and her father and have magical abilities, or be like her mother.
The family have had a keen interest in quidditch for as long as she can remember due to her father's cousin being a rather popular player. Rosaleen, however, has a great fear of flying due to falling from her broom in first year and breaking her leg. She tends to have little time to herself due to her love of studies which has always been the case, but there has been times where she has been led astray by friends she made - however few they were. When she first arrived at hogwarts, she found herself drawn to her housemates in Gryffindor, but to this day has never felt completely at home there.

blehbleh will improve this in the future. But yeah. New character. WOOOOO!
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Rosaleen Marie Connolly
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