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 Marisa Cutworth

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Marisa Cutworth


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PostSubject: Marisa Cutworth   Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:44 am

Name: Marisa Cutworth
Gender: Female
Age: Third year
House: Ravenclaw
Blood Status: Half-blood

Appearance: At thirteen years old, Marisa is at the height of 4'9. She has light blue eyes and dark red hair that is in a major need of a hair cut. Being very proud of who she is, she dresses to impress, though once in a while, she will get lazy. ALways in school uniform.

Personality: Can be a bit cold at times, but is usually friendly to those who have gained her trust. Be aware that if you annoy her in any sort of way, she will find a way to get you back almost every time. Tends to use her friends for her benefit, but in the end, in pays off for them. Not very into her studies, but still gets good enough grades. Can be quiet at times, yet loud during others. Most of the time, she can't sit still.

Backstory: (Working on it.)
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Marisa Cutworth
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