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 Charles William Burke

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Charles Burke


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PostSubject: Charles William Burke   Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:39 am

Name: Charles William Burke
Birthday: Seventh of July
Gender: Male
Age: Thirteen (13)
House: The Noble House of Salazar Slytherin
Blood Status: Pure-blood, though isn't concerned with prejudice. Apathetic on the matter. Doesn't mingle with Muggles though, judges people solely on their talents and skills.

Appearance: Thirteen years old, Charles Burke stands at the average height of his age, 5'4. Charles has light, pale skin, that tingles slightly if he stays in the sun for too long, though it never bothers him too much, as he stays long hours outside feeding the giant squid or roaming around the lake lazily. Has light brown hair that while needing constant haircuts, is still long and lanky, wild and untamed. He has dark brown eyes that flick around lazily. Frowns upon those who wear casual attire and never does it himself, preferring the school uniform instead with the exception of the hat which he just leaves lying around in his trunk, which he believes feeds to the stereotype Muggles use for wizards in their childish stories. Tends to be on the skinny/athletic side.

Personality: Adamant and resolute, Charles has a reserved demeanor to strangers, but he now prefers to make new friends. Being calm and sarcastic, even outright at times while, when being with the few close friends he has, easy going, blithe, funny and enthusiastic. He has built something of a wall around him, letting very few people get through, this is partly because of his past and the most important lesson he has learned: Don't trust anyone. But despite this, Charles does trust people, warming up to some individuals quite easily. He usually turns cross and disagreeable at times, when he's sleepy and that is usually attributed to tons of homework. These factors and some others affect his behaviour. Charles is also pretty mature for his age and he has a quality that defines him: Loyalty. Unwavering loyalty to his friends, or even unknown people who have helped him out of scraps in the past. Ambitious like every typical Slytherin, more than most as he can be defined as 'power-hungry', might do anything to advance his position, he wishes to be head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, views them as the more formal version of the Aurors, but at the same par at deadliness, maybe even more so.

Backstory: Charles William Burke is an orphan, and will remain an orphan. The only thing he knows about his mother and father is that their names were Connor Burke (his father, obviously) and Elizabeth Lowe, that is the only thing Caractacus Burke II, a long distant cousin of Charles' father owing to Connor Burke's indifference about pureblood philosophy. Caractacus Burke, son of the original Caractacus Burke, is not less cruel and conniving than his father, frequently harming and taunting Charles about his parents whenever he asked about them, 'Blood Traitors' Charles' uncle would sneer when he inquired about them. But this didn't ruin his determination and curiosity, it only increased. Connor Burke and Elizabeth Lowe have a sad history it seemed, he researched more about his parents at Hogwarts and learned that they were falsely accused of practicing and teaching Dark Magic, thrown into Azkaban by Barty Crouch Sr. without trial and assigned the Dementor's kiss on them without second thought, this the Ministry later learned, was false information and they were given proper funeral rites but that didn't make them come back. As odd as it may seem, Charles resents his father and mother almost to the point of childishness, for leaving him with his hateful uncle. Contempt for his uncle makes him stay back at Hogwarts every Christmas or Easter holidays, and if he could, he would have stayed at Hogwarts all year round.

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Charles Burke


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PostSubject: Re: Charles William Burke   Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:01 am

I will add another bio next year; school year detailing certain events and etc.
As to how he has grown and more backstory when Charles returns back to his Ebenezer Stooge of an uncle; before the ghosts blah blah blah, well you get it.
I don't understand how I will be able to update the personality. *shrugs* I will try though. I don't give up easily.

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Charles William Burke
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