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 Sandra Azaroff

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Sandra Azaroff

Sandra Azaroff

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PostSubject: Sandra Azaroff   Sandra Azaroff I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 8:02 pm

Name: Sandra Azaroff
Gender: Female
Age: 16 years, sixth year at Hogwarts
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Unknown. But probably either pure-blood or at least half-blood, otherwise she wouldn't have been sorted into Slytherin, right?

Appearance: Quite vividly auburn hair, eyes of dirty green color, light skin, 5'6'' tall. Just... see my avatar, I'm no good at describing people's looks.

Personality: Due to her minor brain damage Sandra is not capable of having emotions, thus she can hardly be manipulated, or fall in love, or get angry, or sad... and only God knows what would happen to a poor boggart if Azaroff met one as she also supposedly can't feel fear. Nonetheless, that injury did not affect her wits. Therefore Sandra long since got used to showing fake emotions via body language because letting people notice she has about as much feelings as a brick wall wouldn't exactly help in making friends, getting people to trust her and keeping her surprisingly-nice-Slytherin-girl's reputation. A Muggle would probably describe her as a *cough* female dog *cough* if they found out what lies beneath her pretended personality. Sandra is manipulative, cunning (well, this one is not that surprising knowing which house she has been sorted to), cold-blooded and sometimes sarcastic. Her main interest is Dark Magic, which Sandra is secretly learning or her own as the Defense teachers that Hogwarts provides are simply worthless, and there's no way she could go study to Durmstrang. What with her ambition to be like the female version of Voldemort - meaning to become the most powerful sorceress of the century, not to be destroyed by a darn one-year old baby - Azaroff may actually begin a new era of the Wizarding World one day OR she might simply end up in Azkaban making out with a dementor.

Backstory: Not much background information is known about Sandra. Her parents either didn't want kids or were both dead (preferably the second version), therefore she grew up in an orphanage, knowing nothing about herself being special. That she found out some years before letter from Hogwarts arrived though. One summer holiday, when Sandra was nine years old, there was this camping trip for all her fellow orphans. Nice place, by the sea... with lots of cliffs and sharp rocks. After one adventure which involved a couple of older orphan kids, some alcohol that they somehow managed to get being underages and little Sandra, terribly scared for the last time in her life, everyone decided that the girl was very, VERY lucky. Like, so lucky she could survive a fall from 35 metres height and recover only with a small brain trauma. But Sandra herself didn't believe it was as sheer luck. Come on, it was 35 metres after all! And sure enough, the theory she did not dare speak anyone of was soon proved to be truth when Sandra tried to levitate a small sheet of paper using 'the Force' - only for fun's sake. Not so long after that she finally got her letter from Hogwarts.

Slytherin - 6th Year - Neutral Evil

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