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 Maverick Jefferson Daniels

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PostSubject: Maverick Jefferson Daniels   Maverick Jefferson Daniels I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 12:47 pm

Name:Maverick Jefferson Daniels
Age:Sixth Year
Blood Status:Half-Blood

Appearance:Maverick, yes it is his real name, has dark brown, wavy hair and dark blue eyes. He stands at 6'0, with a fit and healthy build, though slightly gangly. He is not scrawny nor heavily muscled, but somewhere in between. He usually wears casual clothes or school uniform.

Personality:He is a basic, typical Hufflepuff:cheerful, kind, and laid back. He rarely is vexed or annoyed, and only truly raises a temper when he is truly mad. As he is Half-Blood, he gets many insults for being 'unworthy' and hanging out with mudbloods. Maverick judges people on their personalities, not house or blood. He doesn't care or might not ever ask what status you are. He likes to laugh and joke, always creating a light mood.

Backstory:Maverick was raised by a loving family in a beautiful home in the countryside of London. His parents, August and Damon Daniels, brought up their child to be a loyal, kind, and true friend. Maverick's father is a wizard, and met August at a muggle bookshop in a small town. After they married, the happy couple traveled to the country outside of London. Their son became an honest and generous boy, and was hardly ever reprimanded. He actually, instead, eased the flow of the day and hardly cause any trouble. However, unlike some, he did not act arrogant or haughty. When he was of age, he was sent to Hogwarts, and sorted into Hufflepuff, as his father before him. Maverick also has a very young sister, Avery, who is barely three.
Maverick holds a part-time job at the Three Broomsticks, if that is alright.
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Maverick Jefferson Daniels
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