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 Pilot [closed]

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Rory O'Conner

Rory O'Conner

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PostSubject: Pilot [closed]   Pilot [closed] I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 24, 2013 6:00 pm

A few occ notes:
1. This took place over summer and is not happening now.
2. I'll be using this account to also rp as Sarah.
3. In case you didn't know, Sarah is Rory's youngest cousin who turned 11 over the summer. He loves her dearly.

Today was the day. Not just any day, you see. The day. The day that marked Sarah's first steps into joining the rest of her clan into witchcraft and wizardry; today was the day Sarah O'Reily was set to recieve her first wand. Now, as many know, this could leave little eleven year old girls very happy and very excitable, which left a certain Irish 16 year old, very tired.
Rory was set to watch his youngest cousin today. Only the two of them would be going to get the girl's first wand while the rest of the family fetched the other school supplies. Sarah, being as elated as she was, skipped every step of the way, sending her wild auburn hair in all directions and gathering dirt on the fringes of her long cotton skirt. Now, it was social suicide for any Gryffindor boy, let alone one in his sixth year, to be seen doing something as inmasculine as walking with the aforementioned girl, but Rory took it a step past that. People could mock him for the rest of his days for all he cared, but when the eleven year old looked up at him with thoose wide green eyes of hers, looking frightened, scared and extastatic all at the same time, and asked if she could hold his hand while they walked down the crowded street, he simply could say no.
So now they went down said street. One of Rory's hands was in his pocket, while the other onewas gripped tight by the girl as she half skipped, half dragged her cousin towards Ollivander's. "C'mon!" The high accented tone sqeuaked as she pulled the boy's sleeve to get him to move faster. The Irish lad simply smiled and kept his delibrately slow pace. Over the summer, Rory had mellowed out a bit. Aftering spending the holiday with a new past time, reading, he wasn't quite as loud or raccous. More muscle tone accentuated the boy's body from working over the summer, now that he was old enough to start bigger and heavier jobs on his uncle's farm, leaving his arms and chest firmer than the year before. His red hair had grown out as well. It was now long enough to be able to pull back into a ponytail if he so pleased. The scarlet strands framed his face well, and drifted around in any draft of breeze. He even was a bit taller now. It seemed the only thing he had not acquired over the summer, was a tan. Somehow, anything darker than his already very fair complexation escaped him.
It was only minutes before the pair reached the doors of the wand makers. Rory would have liked to wait a moment to absorb this pinnacle moment in his dear cousins life, but Sarah was having none of it. She dragged the older boy into the cool shop without a second's hesitation.
Mr. Ollivander stood at the large desk in the front of shop, barely looking up as the two walked into the store.
"English Oak, 12 inches, pheonix feather, hard. Hello, Mr. O'Conner." The wizard greeted with a hint of a smile on his lips. Rory was taken back a bit. He lightly reached to touch the wand in his pocket as if to confirm the man was right. So it was true what they said then, that Ollivander remembered all the wands. Sarah's eyes widened a bit more, if that was even possible, as the wand maker then turned her attention to her and began rattling on about possible choices.
It didn't take long at all for Sarah to be matched by the wand maker. "Laurel, 11 1/2 inches, unicorn hair, supple. Now, don't let your brothers take it I warn you." He warned lightly. The man chuckled a bit at his own joke that neither child understood. Rory smiled a bit though to be polite, and always willing to join in a laugh. He fetched the correct amount of change from his pocket and paid the wand maker. Both of the cousins waved as they left. Rory smiled a bit as he looked down on his cousin. The tiny girl clutched the piece of wood in both her hands, looking immensely pleased. Rory almost laughed. "Happy birthday, Sarah. Wha'cha say we get som' icecream wit' te left o'ers?" He said with a grin, pulling the last few coins from his own funds from his pocket.

Rory O'Conner

Gryffindor - Year Six - Easy Going

Courage isn't a matter of not being frightened, you know. It's being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway.
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Pilot [closed]
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