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 It's a bittersweet symphony [closed]

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PostSubject: It's a bittersweet symphony [closed]   Sat May 04, 2013 8:07 pm

ooc note: I'm going to mention everything she does here up untill the current point in time. It's a bit of a flashback then I guess... Bear with me. Just thought I'd spare everyone a huge post in the middle of the demeantor rp. I don't actually interact with anyone from that rp anyway... So I guess I migth as well write everything here.

The air around Kaila Darington seemed to absorb the good mood she radiated around her. Another year back at Hogwarts. Her last year, actually. This filled her with a bite of bitersweetness she didn't fully understand, however she made a particular point to take in every sight and smell around them as they made their way to the train, commiting it to memory. And once something was ingrained in Kaila Darington's brain, it was not soon lost. Much to both their stinging regret, Gavrel Darington was not able to take a day off work to see his only child off to her last year at school, not with murderers roaming about. That happen to be right up Auror extrodinaire Gavrel Darington's alley. However, another contributer to her good mood, was the fact her father's long time friend Remus Lupin would be taking her there. And, much to her amusement, riding the train as well. She had never heard of a teacher doing this before, but she certainly was not opposed. This year was going to be one to remember, a perfect last year. Not only would her self proclaimed uncle be teaching her favorite subject; Defense Against the Dark Artsand she was prefect once more. Of course her dear old friend Percy had been quick to point out that while she again was prefect, he was head boy. And he wouldn't let her live it down. The boy took much pride in the title, and flaunted it off where ever he could. Should the two of them argue as they did over the summer, Percy would always use his soon to be title to proclaim himself to be right. Frankly, it was quite annoying. Was she disapointed she did not recieve a similar title to Percy? Oh good Godric yes. She had been a model student every second she spent at school. Who could have possibly deserved the title more? But she had to remind herself not to angry or envious. Thoose thoughts would ruin this year for her if she let them live.
Kaila pulled herself from her thoughts with a quick reminder that she was to be recording everything she saw from herself. The kart she pushed had one squeaky wheel, but the noise was lost among the crowd of muggles as she picked her way to the space between platforms nine and ten. Her normal brown trunk with old blue lace over it still bore her intials K.B.D on the front. Her cat pouted with his back to her in his cage still, like every year. Everything seemed normal, but somehow different. She knew in the back of her mind that this was it. Her last time to be a child. And it was fleeting fast. Summer felt like a blink of an eye. Especially more so since she turned the legal age to practice magic. She filled nearly all her holiday practing with glee at her new freedom. But she had advanced in her already advanced skills. There was no concievable way she would not become an Auror like her mother and father now.
As she passed through the barrier between the muggle platforms, she smiled a bit. Lot's of familiar faces greeted her eyes. She didn't actually know most of them, but it just felt... Normal. Good maybe. As she began to push her things, she flicked her wrist out to dislogde her wand from it's place on her arm, hidden under her sleeve. A little trick she picked up from her father. With one hand, she began to twirl the wand in patterns in the air above her head. Her muggle clothes began to change and take form into something more suitable for a witch like her. The Ravenclaw colors where prominent over her appearance the entire outfit however was made complete by the silver and blue prefect badge on her chest. Sadly, this year the captain's badge would not be joining it on her uniform. Much to her bitter disapointment, this year Rodger Davies had been selected as Quidditch Captain, as if to add injury to insult. Not head girl. Not Captain. Only prefect. Most people would be over the moon with this in itself, but not Kaila. No, she was indeed very upset and disapointed in herself. Catching handsome Rodger Davies eye as she passed him on the platform sent a zing of angst down her spine. The boy smiled a bit to his second in command, and recieved a half hearted wave from Kaila. She couldn't really be mad at him. It wasn't his fault.
"You're getting good at that." Muttered a deep voice at her side, refering to her casting. The girl smiled a bit at the praise from her uncle, but didn't have time to comment back as another friend approached her. "Kaila!" Anounced the Gryffindor boy as he waved her down. She smiled at his exuberance. "Olliver." The prefect greeted her long time friend. "Is it true?" He said quickly, straight to the point as always. Her face fell a bit. They both knew what he was talking about. She pointed down to her chest where the captain badge would be. They both sent a glance to Rodger Davies. "Oh... Wow. Sorry. Bit a rotten luck I suppose..." He said a bit awkwardly. Kaila shrugged, burying her general disdain and covering it with a careless facade. "Whatever." She said dismissively, starting to walk away, off towards the train. The Gryffindor followed after her a few steps. "If it makes you feel any better, people'll still call you Captain. Mostly 'cause they don't know your name!" He shouted a bit, smiling at his joke. Kaila smiled a bit to and shook her head. She could count on one hand the number of people who actually called her by her first name. Pumpkin, Tor, Devon, Olliver, and Percy. Yup. One hand.
The names in her head sent a flash of remoarse through her. Another thing that would be just lovely about this year; all her friends were gone. Pumpkin was long gone, and Godric knows how much Kaila worried about her. And Tor. What did Tor think of her now? She knew he had been infinantly upset by Devon hoovering around in her life. Ah yes, Devon. He was also gone. Kaila would say he was her best friend really. Next to Pumpkin of course. The boy was an enigma, and she worried deeply about his safety as well. He had not been well last she saw him.
Kaila mused around her thoughts as she boarded the train. She decided she was going to leave Pollux with Olliver again for the train ride as she completed her prefect duties. Her cat did spend a good amount of time with that boy on the train. The mentioned Quidditch captain was behind her as she boarded. She gave him the ginger cat's cage with a bit of a forced smile as they chatted idly for a moment or two before Kaila was off to the Prefect's cabin.
The Ravenclaw decided she would walk her uncle to whatever cabin he choose before she left. The girl was still mostly surprised by his decison, but no longer commented on it. The man's eyes scanned over cabins as they walked. He stopped suddenly at one. Kaila searched his face as if looking for an answer. "Why here?" She questioned. But he did not answer. He simply sat himself down in the compartment, his eyes drawn to something in the hall. The girl followed his gaze. "Oh." She said a bit quietly as her eyes settled upon none other than Harry Potter himself. She noded, understanding, and after a few closing words, took her leave.
Most of the ride had been quiet, uneventful even. She reported promptly to the prefect's cabin where Percy (with a bit too much glee for her liking) gave her assigned section to patrol. With a bit of surprise, she noted her section was the one her uncle was situated in. Kaila looked up and over to Percy at realizing this. The boy gave her a rare smile and quick wink. She grinned in return and began her shift.
Some very boring patrolling later, she had already assigned three detentions and stopped two pranks mid prank, much to the disapointment of anyone in her allotted section. Yes, she kept her part of the train quiet and mannerly as possible. They had been on the train for sometime now. The Ravenclaw prefect was in mid patrol when the train came to a halt. She nearly tripped as the shift of momentum, but kept herself up. Immidiantly, people began to mutter and talk. Some even poked their heads out their doors and sought the prefect on duty. "Go back to your cabins." She instructed. "Probably just something on the tracks." The kids muttered a bit to themselves but obeyed. However, Kaila knew this couldn't be true. But what other explanation was there? She frowned as she began down the train to seek the Hufflepuff prefect in the next setion over to see if he knew what was happening. However, she didn't get far before an unnatural darkness settled over the train. She stopped in the hallway under the last faint light there was. Something wasn't right, that was obvious. The girl stood frozen for a nother few moments. Mild surprise flitted past her as she realized she could shee her breaths as white puffs in front of her. With a slight flick of the wrist, she had her wand in her hand. The decison came to her then if she should continue on her search for the next prefect, or go back and see what from her section was causing this. Her feirce voice in her head reminded her she was a year away from being an Auror. The voice gave her enough courage to turn back to begin towards her section.
Something was definantly not right. The air was cold and dark, and felt... Odd. Emotionless. Suspenseful even. And something else. Sad? No, not quite. But just... Unhappy. It made her think back to everything bad about this year; her missing friends, her missing titles, Percy as head boy, everything and formed a cold ball in her stomache. The ball siwrled around with negativity in her stomache, threatening to make her sick right there in the hall. But she swallowed it down, in all ways. The ball seemed to jump from her gut to her throat as she heard something moving at the entrance to this section, and a quick hush fell over all the compartments. White puffs in front of her face began to quicken a bit. It was too far. Both relief and dread filled her at this. SLight relief because she would not face it, and dread at the realization she would have to face whatever it was, and would have to hurry before whatever it was did something terrible.
She moved forward at a snails pace. She didn't wan to disturb the silence of the train, and draw attention to herself. To, she would get the jump on... Whatever it was. Or whoever. The ball in her throat tightened abit at that thought as a name from the headline was brough to the forfront of her mind. Sirius Black. Impossible. Literally impossible. SOmething making these reactions had to be a creature. A very strong one indeed. And then another thought jumped to her. As a future Auror, it was her job to know everything about ciminals, even what happened after they were captured. And what else lived there. Demeantors. The word felt like a serpent as it slithered it's way up her back and into her brian, sitting there in the back of ehr mind like a snake about to strike. She shivered from more than the cold as she continued to make her way forward slowly, but now armed with a charm ready in her mind. A loud scream had her pace lurch into a full out run in the direction it came from. Her feet slammed against the hall as she ran, desperate to get there before something terrible happened. But, as fate would have it, it was too late.
Fate was sort of a funny thing. While it had Kaila get there too late, it had Remus as precisely the right time and place. When she reached the cabin the scream came from, her heart was pounding and her breaths were more like pants. Relief flooded past her to see the new DADA professor standing in the cabins doorway. She peered inside compartment, spying the Gryffindor boy's unconscience body. "I've got this. You keep going. You know the spell." The mad in the doorway said quickly and seriously. She noded curtly and drew a quick pattern in the air before her. "Expecto Patronum." The seventh year chanted. A thin, whispy stream of white much like her breath drifted from her wand and began to take shape in the air. Kaila noted Hermoine Granger pay extra attention to the spell the prefect cast, even standing a bit to try to catch a glimpse. But Kaila did not stay long. As soon the the smoke took form into the small, flimsy otter (that much to her dismay seemed to have trouble staying in one piece and looked like it was mleting sometimes) she was off down the train.

ooc: I can't feel my fingers T.T

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It's a bittersweet symphony [closed]
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