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 The Trial of Devon Hallowsfield's Uncle [closed, obviously]

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Leah Davies

Leah Davies

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PostSubject: The Trial of Devon Hallowsfield's Uncle [closed, obviously]   Tue May 14, 2013 3:47 pm

[Too lazy to switch to the Devon account :PP But you all know it's me]

It was two months after Hogwarts finished their final examinations and the students were set lose to their families, or in some cases the wizarding world. Devon was one of those free enough. Unfortunately for him, he was not technically an adult yet. He still had another month or so. The curse of being in a grade higher than the others his own age.
In the months that he had completed his NEWTs spectacularly, he was living again in the small safe house for the Ministry. Luckily a few more books were added and he was given the freedom of his wand. In short, treated as an adult even though he was not one quite yet.
His plans to end Tor Odinson, the man who had "stolen" his Kaila, had been put on halt because of the closeness of the end of the school year. Devon had also never found the right opportunity. It made sense though to wait until after his uncle's trial. Getting caught and being put near the man who had made his life hell for a few weeks was not very appealing.
In any case, this is where the curtain opens for the next installment of Devon's life. An almost empty courtroom in the dungeons of the Ministry of Magic.

Devon, as the most obvious witness to the crimes being investigated, was the first witness to speak. Slowly, carefully, he explained what had happened to him, in as much detail as he could remember. Soon afterwards, the auror who had arrived to save him told of his condition when Devon was found. However, the true clencher of the case against Devon's uncle was not until the man who had given food and water to Devon that one time. The one who had merely fled and not told anybody, anything.
Mr. Hallowsfield had called upon the man to be a witness. However... his plan backfired when the man was questioned separately. This man became a witness on behalf of the prosecution instead of Hallowsfield's savior.
One person was missing though. Johnathon Castor, the young wizard who had antagonized and been antagonized by Devon, was no longer a part of the trial. For some unknown reason, he had been moved elsewhere and was soon to become the supervisor of a young Ravenclaw. But that is a different story.
Soon enough, it became obvious that Devon's uncle was entirely guilty of his crimes. He would be sentenced to Azkaban for at least twenty years for almost causing the death of his nephew. As he was already in his fifties, this would ensure that by the time he did leave the wizard prison he would be in no condition to do harm to anybody else.
However, there was one more surprise for Devon. His parents had been contacted by the Ministry of Magic. They appeared at the end of the trial, unfortunately too late for anything to be said by them. But the verdict was already fairly clear. That was just too much evidence against the uncle.
Devon and his parents were able to talk though, for the first time in almost a year. But that is a story for another time and place.
The uncle was sent to prison where he would rot away for a while.

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The Trial of Devon Hallowsfield's Uncle [closed, obviously]
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