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 Katrina Finn

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PostSubject: Katrina Finn   Katrina Finn I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 04, 2013 5:30 pm

Name: Katrina 'Kat' Finn
Blood Status:Muggleborn

Appearance:Kat is very short, standing at 5'0. She has a very small build and frame, giving one the feeling if you bump into her she might break in half. She has short, jet black hair and long uneven bangs, and a light, rare shade of lavender eyes that are deep and dreamy. If you can look past the fact that she is crazy, Kat is actually a fairly pretty girl. She usually goes around barefoot.

Backround-Doing this so you understand her personality: Kat was born and raised in England by her parents Flora and William Finn. She also has an older sister, Annabel. The family lived peacefully in the muggle world, unaware of a magical one. Though her sister did not receive one, Kat was sent a letter on her eleventh birthday from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Kat was whisked away to Hogwarts, where she was immediately sorted into Ravenclaw. She was rather a genius, even for being only eleven, as she had been in muggle school. Kat excelled in classes and fit in her house perfectly. However, when she was twelve, tragedy struck; while on summer break, Kat and her family were coming home late from a long dinner, walking the streets home in the dark. Two muggle robbers--killers--stole her mother and father's jewelry and money, which was actually a great deal, paying Annabel and Kat no attention as they huddled together in fear. They then brutally stabbed Kat's parents, running off into the night, leaving behind a bloody mess. Kat, although a witch, stood frozen as she watched her parent's violently murdered, using no magic to stop them. After the attack, Kat went sort of...mad. She had constant fits or terror and screams, locked in her room all day throwing things. Her older sister, who was fifteen at the time, remained sane, though scarred for life. Their aunt lived with them for three years until Annabel became of legal muggle adult age to look after her sister. She got a job and house, taking care of Kat. Over these years, Kat stopped the tantrums, and went completely mental. She had made her brain believe that her parents were indeed alive and well, just gone on a trip for awhile, and would be back soon. She invented new reasons each time for their absence, tricking herself to believe them. Since Kat was technically harmless, she was allowed to return to school. Her sister didn't want any work done on her in fear of causing more brain damage, though there was probably nothing any 'magical doctor' could have done. Back at Hogwarts, Kat still did wonderful in school work.

Personality: Kat is a more extreme version of Luna Lovegood; she is sort of dreamy and distant, though insane, literally. She has weird quirks like Luna, often changes topics or brings up completely random things, and, as said before, tells people her mother and father are still living. She has very poor social skills, and most tease, mock, and bully her craziness while teachers aren't around, who usually just pity her, though Kat doesn't notice. No one really remembers what she was truly like at the two years of Hogwarts before she went mad.
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Katrina Finn
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