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 Homecoming (closed)

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PostSubject: Homecoming (closed)   Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:03 pm

Feet dragging with each step she took Andy made her way up the stairs toward her dorm room, wanting to avoid the curious gazes from her new housemates in the common room below. Their curiosity could not be helped, she admitted begrudgingly, and yet their prying eyes and whispered musings sent her fleeing from their midst.
Retracing a path she knew from memory, the vaguely familiar door soon loomed ahead and she lay a shaking hand upon the thick aged smoothed wood, pushing it open to reveal the large circular room behind. The same four poster beds stood in the exact same places she had left them four years ago, the blue curtains trimmed with bronze tied to the posts of the beds revealing the comfortable bedding and plush pillows. Dropping her knapsack at her feet, the oak trunk having already been brought up and sitting at the foot of her bed, Andy turned slowly, taking in her new residence.
'Home,' she murmured, the single word falling from her tongue, empty and alone, like herself. The exact opposite of what a home truly is.
Lowering herself to sit on the edge of the bed she fought back tears of frustration and homesickness, reminding herself that she was.. no, she is strong, determined, a survivor. This was a hiccup in her journey, a small bump in the road. All she had to do was keep her head down, keep to herself, stay out of trouble, and she would be back home in Argentina with her friends and family in next to no time at all.
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Homecoming (closed)
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