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 Morning Musings. [closed, sixth year dorms]

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Leo Montague

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PostSubject: Morning Musings. [closed, sixth year dorms]   Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:51 am

Leo's eyes opened to darkness. With a soft groan, she sat up in her bed, glancing towards the condensation-covered window. The outside world was dark, with only a tinge of gold highlighting the horizon. Up even before the sun is ... she thought, annoyed. Rubbing her eyes, she tried to remember her dream. She could recall it was a worrying one ... but that was all. Not a surprise, after all - it seemed all that Leo did nowadays was worry. But as she glanced at her bag, dumped over in the corner, her most immediate worry returned to her - her Ancient Runes test.

Throwing back the covers, she swung her legs over the bed, intending to get up, when her eyes landed on the bed next to her. Cecilia Nott was still asleep, and with all of her own anxieties hounding her during the day, it seemed that this was the first time in a long time that Leo had ever seen her at peace. But even then, there was a slight hardening around her mouth, and a crease in her forehead, that suggested to Leo that whatever worries were plaguing Cel during the day refused to let her go as she slept.

Leo surveyed her briefly, feeling another worry add to her own. I wish she could just talk to me ... I mean, we live together for half the year, surely whatever's troubling her isn't that bad that she wouldn't want me to know ... It had to be more than exam related.

Lestrange's smirking face flew into her mind, a scene from her dream. Gritting her teeth and snarling slightly, Leo got out of bed, trying to ignore the early morning cold. There was something up with that boy. Even as she tred to tell herself otherwise, it was the only explanation she could return to. Except it was hardly an explanation, when she didn't even know IF there was something happening ....

Leo got dressed in her Gryffindor robes quickly in an attempt to conserve warmth. She looked in the mirror, making sure she looked presentable. As she pinned her badge to her chest, her eyes glanced upwards, catching Cel's sleeping form again. Frowning slightly in determination, she rummaged through her bag for a spare piece of parchment and a quill.


I don't know how much of you I'm going to see over the next few days, with your exams and all, so I thought I'd just leave this here - on Thursday, after your final exam, I suggest we go down to the Three Broomsticks and celebrate our new freedom with a Butterbeer or two. It might help take our mind of things.


She left it on Cel's bedside table, picked her bag up and moved out of the dorm, heading towards study area of the library to get some last minute study in.

Ooc: I know it isn't Hogwarts time, shoo.
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Morning Musings. [closed, sixth year dorms]
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